Eternal Tiare
Etānaru Tiare


Eternal Tiare Ani


Eternal Sailor Moon
Neo-Queen Serenity, Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon (manga only)

Used for

Destroying and healing enemies


Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss (manga only)
Moon Gorgeous Double Meditation (Sera Myu musicals only)

First Appearance

Act 49 - Dream 11, Earth and Moon Dream (manga)
Scattering Nightmare Flowers! Queen of Darkness Revives (original anime) -as a staff
The Awakening of Saturn! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Unite - Real version

The Eternal Tiare was the strongest and most powerful moon-based weapon Super Sailor Moon received when she evolved into Eternal Sailor Moon in both the manga and original anime version. It was used to perform Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, and eventually Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss for the rest of the fifth season.


In the manga, the Eternal Tiare appeared when Usagi gained the power to transform into her Eternal form and it was never upgraded. It was broken when Sailor Moon fought the Sailor Senshi under Sailor Galaxia's control in Act 58, but she recreated it shortly afterwards with no apparent difficulty.

During the final "Chibiusa's Picture Diary", Sailor Chibi Moon also had an Eternal Tiare. However, she was never shown to have it during the main storyline.

Original Anime

The Eternal Tiare first appeared in episode 167. It was formed from the Moon Kaleido Scope when the nine other Super Sailor Senshi, at Sailor Saturn's request, gave their powers to Super Sailor Moon, allowing her to attain the Eternal Sailor Moon form. The change of appearance became permanent when Usagi learned to transform directly into Eternal Sailor Moon without going through the "Super" form first.

The Eternal Tiare became the Moon Power Tiare when the Holy Moon Cálice attached to it. The chalice was never named during the series and played no role outside of the attack.


  • In the manga, the Silver Moon Crystal was attached to it; in the anime, it was just a red gem.
  • As with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, the Eternal Tiare's abilities are tremendously strengthened with another magical artifact to perform an even stronger and more powerful attack: the Holy Moon Chalice.
  • In the Mixx manga it was called the Eternal Rod.


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