VHS tapes that were released by Buena Vista/ADV Films/Pioneer, the VHS tapes contained episode from the original English dub of the first Sailor Moon anime.

Buena Vista Releases

  1. Sailor Moon: A Moon Star is Born
  2. Sailor Moon: Scouts Unite
  3. Sailor Moon: Evil Eyes
  4. Sailor Moon: Jupiter And Venus Arrive!
  5. Sailor Moon: Secret Identities
  6. Sailor Moon: Good Queen, Bad Queen

A.D.V Films

  1. Sailor Moon: The Legend Begins Vol.1
  2. Sailor Moon: The Power Of Friendship Vol.2
  3. Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars Joins The Battle Vol.3
  4. Sailor Moon: Mysterious Tuxedo Mask Vol.4
  5. Sailor Moon: Red Hearts & Silver Crystals Vol.5
  6. Sailor Moon: Introducing Sailor Jupiter Vol.6
  7. Sailor Moon: Green Eyed Monsters Vol.7
  8. Sailor Moon: And in this Corner...Sailor Venus Vol.8
  9. Sailor Moon: Field Trips Vol. 9
  10. Sailor Moon: Trials and Troubles Vol. 10
  11. Sailor Moon: The Return of Sailor Moon Vol.11
  12. Sailor Moon: Tree of Doom! Vol.12
  13. Sailor Moon - Moonlight Knight and The Garden of Evil
  14. Sailor Moon - Big Changes
  15. Sailor Moon - Invaders From The Future
  16. Sailor Moon - By the Light of the Negamoon!
  17. Sailor Moon - Crystal Matrix
  18. Sailor Moon - Looking for Trouble!
  19. Sailor Moon - Time Travelers!
  20. Sailor Moon - Love Conquers All!


  1. Sailor Moon S - Pure Hearts
  2. Sailor Moon S - The Love War!
  3. Sailor Moon S - Labyrinth
  4. Sailor Moon S - Birthday Blues
  5. Sailor Moon S - Back From The Future
  6. Sailor Moon S - Secret Destiny
  7. Sailor Moon S - The Secret Revealed!
  8. Sailor Moon S - The Search for the Savior
  9. Sailor Moon S - Hotaru's Secret
  10. Sailor Moon S - The Mysterious Sailor
  11. Sailor Moon S - Small Hearts
  12. Sailor Moon S - The Awakening!
  13. Sailor Moon SuperS - The Eclipse

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