Emi Uwagawa
Uwagawa Emi
Emi Uwagawa (myanimelist)
Full Name

Emi Uwagawa


December 30

BirthplaceKobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Voice actress

SM Roles

Child (episodes 144, 153, 158, and 177)
Announcer (episodes 147, 155, 175, 180, and 189)
Girl (episodes 149, 169, 186, 192, and Ami's First Love)
Lemures (episode 162)
Maid (episode 166)
Mirror Paredri
Ami's Friend (episode 170)
Tulip (episode 171)
Airport Tannoy (episode 173)
Secretary (episodes 174, 179, and 181)
Schoolgirl (episode 176)
Hostess on Train (episode 183)
Nurse (episode 185)
Bodyguard (episode 187)
Stewardess/Sailor Stewardess
Reporter (episode 195)
Bonbon baby

Emi Uwagawa is a Japanese voice actress who voiced several minor characters in the anime.

Other roles of hers include Sun Shangxiang in the "Dynasty Warriors" video games and several other minor roles in animes.[1]

She is also part of the band "Tsukiyubi Panda" along with manga creator Kyo Hatsuki.


  • Her blood type is B.
  • Her height is 160cm or about 5'2".


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  2. Emi's profile on Aoni Productions

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