Doujinshi (同人誌, translated as "magazine of same-minded people") is a term for self-published manga that are created by doujinka, which means "doujinshi writer" in Japanese. Some doujinshi are also created by doujin circles. Doujinshi are sometimes sold online and they can be sold at an anime convention. Some professional manga artists also publish their own doujinshi because of content that can be unsuitable for mainstream markets, such as sexually explicit scenes and gore.

Sometimes, doujinshi can have original concepts and stories, but they are mostly like fan fiction of existing series and such.

In the Sailor Moon fandom

Sailor Moon-related doujinshi often include the yuri (lesbian manga, literally means 'lily') genre. An example of such Sailor Moon-related doujinshi would be the Crystal Planets series, which involves short stories about Haruka's and Michiru's romantic relationship with each other. It should also be noted that most Sailor Moon doujinshi in the yuri genre also include Haruka and Michiru and such other pairings, which are usually non-canonical, such as Usagi and Rei, or Rei and Minako. Sailor Moon doujinshi can range from being comedic, like the Pink Diamond series, to sexually explicit content, such as the Lunatic Party series.

In the Sailor Moon universe

Doujinshi has been mentioned a couple of times in the Codename: Sailor V manga. The first time it was mentioned was in Chapter 5 where Amano told Minako that he bought a Twin Dark doujinshi at Comiket. The second time was in Chapter 12, in which Marie Buraidaru mentions that she is making a yaoi doujinshi centered around Phantom Ace. At the end of the chapter, Minako tells Artemis that she plans on doing a yaoi doujinshi centered around Phantom Ace and Coattail Mask that will help her get scouted by major publishers.

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