The Die Superhits Für Kids (translation: "The Superhits For Kids") albums were a series of twelve music albums released by Edel AG.

Each album contained plenty of popular songs at the time of the album's release, as well as a couple of songs by Super Moonies and songs that were used in the German dub of the first Sailor Moon anime. As time went on, however, the albums started to include songs from the original Japanese version of the anime as well, starting with "Sailor Moon - Die Superhits Für Kids vol. 4: Power of Magic", which included "Moonlight Legend" and "Sailor Star Song". The albums would also include popular songs that were sung in English, regardless of the fact that they were released in Germany. Popular singers/bands like Echt, the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Blümchen were usually included on the albums.



  • Volume 8 was the first Die Superhits Für Kids album to include two CDs.
  • Volume 9 was the first Die Superhits Für Kids album to include a free magnet with Sailor Moon on it.

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