DiC's Sailor Moon logo.

DiC Entertainment is a company that presided over the English dubs for the Sailor Moon series. As the anime was marketed as a children's show in North America, much content was abridged from the original Japanese series, resulting in a fewer episode count.

A notable example can be seen in the episode "The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle" ("Day of Destiny" in the English dub) the Sailor Senshi are all killed by the DD/Doom and Gloom Girls, whereas in the English dub they are merely kidnapped.

The dub, originally only covering the first season and the first 25 episodes of Sailor Moon R, was originally aired in syndication, to minimal success, due to the time slot in which Sailor Moon had been placed. When it was picked up by Cartoon Network and aired on Toonami, it managed to gain some of the block's higher ratings. This resulted in the rest of Sailor Moon R, minus episode 67, to be licensed to DiC and dubbed. After this DiC had no interest in dubbing the remaining two seasons and lead to the show being dubbed by Cloverway Inc.

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