Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear
ウラヌス達の死 タリスマン出現
Uranusu-tachi no shi? Tarisuman shutsugen

3, Sailor Moon S

Air date

October 15, 1994


Yoji Enokido


Kunihiko Ikuhara


Shocking Moment! Mutual Identities Revealed


The Grail's Divine Power! Moon's Double Transformation


“Destiny's Arrival”

Air date

July 10, 2000


No Turning Back


The Purity Chalice

Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear is the 20th episode of season three of Sailor Moon, and the 110th of the overall series. It first aired in Japan on October 1, 1994.


Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune go to face Eudial alone and almost end up facing certain death.


Eudial works on her computer trying to search for the talismans again. She is more determined now after suffering a prank from a coworker, Mimete. Using a new program, Eudial finds the new targets.

Haruka and Michiru are at their apartment, having a feeling that the talismans will be making an appearance soon. They get a call from Eudial, who tells them that she has found holders of the talismans and challenges them to come to the Marine Cathedral if they want the talismans. Haruka and Michiru meet up with Usagi, and steal her transformation broach so she does not get in the way of their mission.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune reach the Cathedral, where Eudial has set up a trap for the two of them, capturing Sailor Neptune in the process. Eudial reveals that Sailor Neptune is one of the holders of the talismans and Uranus rushes to save her, only to be severly injured by another trap Eudial has set. Eudial points the heart extracting weapon at Uranus, revealing that she too is a holder of one of the talismans. Neptune breaks free and runs to save Uranus, injuring herself in the process by Eudial's trap. In a struggle for the gun, Neptune's Pure Heart is removed and turns into a mirror. Usagi arrives and pushes Eudial off a ledge, preventing her from taking the talisman from Uranus.

Usagi tries to return Neptune's heart, but it wouldn't return in the its talisman form. Uranus see's hope that Usagi might save the world, giving her back the broach, and then turns the heart extracting gun on herself, removing her crystal heart, which takes the form of a sword.


Changes From the Manga

Dub Changes

First Appearances


  • Just like her civilian form who has an excellent driving skills, Sailor Uranus is also able to pilot the helicopter efficiently because of her excellent driving skills.
  • When Usagi hits Eudial, for one frame an orange circle appears around Usagi's elbow.
  • Despite both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's mission are searching for the talismans within the heart crystals. Both of them are revealed to have talismans in their heart crystals as Sailor Neptune saves Sailor Uranus from being shot from Eudial's gun as her heart crystal reveals the Deep Aqua Mirror. Therefore, the latter also shot herself in front of Usagi as her heart crystal reveals the Space Sword.
  • Setsuna now known as Trista in the English Dub is now voiced by Susan Aceron who frequently voices the Daimons from every episodes and later Mistress 9 when her role as Sailor Pluto is killed in the explosion of the helicopter after she uses her ability Time Stop with her Garnet Rod.


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