• The Dark Kingdom base in the manga
  • Dark Kingdom base in the anime
  • Dark Kingdom base in Crystal
The Dark Kingdom is an evil organization who frequently combat Sailor Moon.


The Dark Kingdom was the cause of the downfall of the Silver Millenium. After their defeat, it was sealed away until it was reawakened by a reincarnated Queen Beryl, and the Dark Kingdom set up a base in a cavern at D-Point in the North Pole. She found the reincarnations of Endymion's trusted knights, the Shitennou and turned them into her commanders. They began collecting energy to awaken Metalia, while searching for the Silver Crystal. Eventually, Tuxedo Mask too fell under the control of Metalia and acted as her agent, trying to obtain the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon. After Metalia absorbed the Silver Crystal into herself, along with Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, she grew huge, expanding around the planet, until she was permanently destroyed by Sailor Moon, ending the Dark Kingdom forever.

Dark Agency

In the Sailor V manga, the Dark Kingdom had a sub-division known as the Dark Agency. Their modus operandi was to collect energy, and their reach spread further than Japan. It was run by Danburite, a subordinate of Kunzite, and was ultimately destroyed by Sailor V before she joined the other Senshi.


The Dark Kingdom was the main antagonists of the first season/story arc of the Sailor Moon anime. It is full of (mostly female) monsters that work for Beryl and the Shitennou: Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite. They are located at the D-Point in the arctic.

Prior to the anime

During the end of the Silver Millennium, the Dark Kingdom lead by Queen Beryl unleashed an attack on the Moon Kingdom, using an army of brainwashed humans, including the Shitennou. They laid waste to the Moon kingdom as well as killing much of its people, including Princess Serenity. It seemed that all hope was lost until Queen Serenity used all her powers to seal away the Dark Kingdom's powers and saved the lives of her people by sending them to earth to be reincarnated in the present day. Doing all that came at the cost of her own life though.

First Story Arc

In the present day, the Dark Kingdom's main goals were to unleash its full power, awaken Queen Metalia, and take over the universe. To do all those, the Beryl initially aimed to gather human energy and later shifted to finding the silver crystal, all with the intention to fuel the Dark Kingdom's power. Beryl first appointed Shiteenou Jadeite to gather human energy, but he was defeated constantly by the Sailor Guardians. Beryl eventually became sick of his failures and after being defeated once again by the Sailor Guardians in episode thirteen, Beryl put him to eternal sleep. Jadeite's role was replaced by Nephrite and although he took a different approach to gathering human energy, his plans were constantly undermined by the Sailor Scouts as well. During his missions, he also developed romantic feelings towards Naru because of their interactions during his missions. When the Dark Kingdom discovered this, Nephrite was killed by Zoisite, who saw his relationship with a human as a betrayal to the Dark Kingdom. Nephrite was replaced by Zoisite and Kunzite and by this time, the Dark Kingdom's mission was shifted towards finding the seven Silver Crystal fragments and in the process unleash the seven great monsters, whom reincarnated as humans sent to earth by Queen Serenity. Each monster were reawakened but turned back to human by Sailor Moon. All the fragments were eventually found and united into the Silver Crystal, which restored memories of Mamoru and the rest of the Sailor Scouts of their past lives during the Silver Millennium, and gave Sailor Moon ultimate power.

After Zoisite was killed by Quen Beryl for disobeying one of her orders, Mamoru was captured and brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom to do their bidding and worked alongside Kunzite. Kunzite was also eventually destroyed when the five scouts put their powers together. In episodes 45 and 46, the Sailor Senshi make their way to the Dark Kingdom to fight Queen Beryl, but all except Sailor Moon are apparently killed by the DD Girls. Beryl then teleports Sailor Moon to the Dark Kingdom where she fights the brainwashed Prince Endymion, who is completely under Beryl's control. However, she succeeds in breaking the spell over him and he injures Beryl. Queen Metalia then merged with Queen Beryl, becoming Super Beryl, but both were destroyed by Princess Serenity with Moon Prism Power and the spirits of the other sailor socuts. The Dark Kingdom was destroyed as well, and all the Sailor Senshi's and Mamoru's memories were erased until Sailor Moon R.

Members of the Dark Kingdom

  • Shitennou
    • They are the four loyal and devoted generals to the Dark Kingdoms, consisting of Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite.
  • Brainwashed Endymion
    • After being brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom, Endymion served Beryl, fighting alongside the other Shitennou, until Sailor Moon freed him from their control.
  • Youma
    • They were monsters of the Dark Kingdom, who carried the missions of the Shitennous. It includes the Seven Great Youma and the DD Girls.


  • The Dark Kingdom is the only villain organization of Sailor Moon to appear in every version.
  • They are referred to as the Negaverse in the DIC English dubbed


Dark Kingdom

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