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Danburite was a character from Codename: Sailor V.


He is the reincarnation of Adonis who was killed during the attack on the Silver Millennium and reincarnated on earth. After being reincarnated, he became the leader of the Dark Agency. During the time of the Silver Millennium he was in love with Sailor Venus, and his love for her became an obsession after he was reincarnated. He used his power over the Dark Agency to get close to Sailor V. He also disguised himself as an actor in order to make Minako fall in love with him. His plan worked, as Minako did fall in love with him only for it to break her heart when he revealed his true identity. Being from the Dark Agency, Minako had to kill him; it pained her to kill someone she loved.


  • Following after his master Kunzite, Danburite is also named after a mineral.
  • In the first french translation of Sailor V, he was named Danbright.


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