Daisuke Kishio
岸尾 大輔
Kishio Daisuke

March 28, 1974



BirthplaceMie Prefecture, Japan

Voice actor, singer

SM Roles

Second Japanese anime:
Male teacher (episode 3)[1]

 Daisuke Kishio is a voice actor, singer, and as well as an actor, who voices Jadeite in the second anime.

When he was young, Daisuke grew up in Aichi Prefecture, and when in high school, Daisuke wanted to become a voice actor. In 1995, Daisuke met with Yuji Mitsuya, a sound director, after Daisuke got his attention, and the following year, Daisuke made his debut in the anime called Mizuiro Jidai where Yuji also worked. Since then, Daisuke has been in numerous animes, and has also started his music debut in 2012. [2] As of April 1, 2014, Daisuke has started working with Aoni Productions.[3]


  • His blood type is B.
  • His height is 166cm.
  • Daisuke changed his given name from 大輔 to だいすけ in 2007, however the pronunciation stays the same.


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