DJ Moon Album 1



Drama, soundtrack


Miyuu Sawai
Ayaka Komatsu

# of tracks




Release date

February 18, 2004

DJ Moon Album 1 is a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon CD that contained vocal drama tracks, background music, and songs from the live-action series.

Track List

  1. DJ 1 Drama track
  2. Usagi's One Day of Fun
  3. DJ 2 Drama track
  4. Glittering☆Sailor Dream!
  5. DJ 3 Drama track
  6. One Day of Carefree Usagi
  7. Very Busy Shopping
  8. The Caretaker of the Lonely Person
  9. I am the Princess
  10. Over Rainbow Tour
  11. DJ 4 Drama track
  12. Heroine of the Tragedy
  13. The Girl is Sometimes Lonely
  14. DJ 5 Drama track
  15. Chatty Luna
  16. Item of Strange Magic
  17. DJ 6 Drama track
  18. Make Up to Sailor Moon
  19. Make Up to Sailor Mercury
  20. Make Up to Sailor Jupiter
  21. Make Up the Sailor Mars
  22. DJ 7 Drama track
  23. Longing for Tuxedo Mask
  24. Oh! That's a Youma!
  25. DJ 8 Drama track
  26. Venus Over My Shoulder
  27. Sailor V
  28. DJ 9 Drama track
  29. Dark Kingdom
  30. Queen Beryl-sama
  31. Dark Kingdom Shitennou
  32. Battle of the Sailor Senshi
  33. Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Mask
  34. Well, Next Time
  35. DJ 10 Drama track
  36. C'est la vie ~ Part of the Love in Me

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