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DD Girls
Dī Dī Gāruzu

Dark Kingdom






Queen Beryl


To kill Sailor Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars


2 - Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder, 1 - Sailor Venus' Crescent Beam, 2 - Sailor Mars' Fire Soul


Naoko Nakamura, Asako Satō, Naoko Nakamura, Sanae Takagi, Emi Shinohara (original Japanese version)
Tracey Hoyt, Mary Long, Tracey Moore, Nadine Rabinovitch, Barbara Radecki (DiC English dub)
Wendee Lee, Tara Platt (ViZ Media English dub)

The DD Girls are five Youma who work for Queen Beryl.


The Sailor Senshi were on their way to the Dark Kingdom to fight Queen Beryl. When she asks her Youma subjects which of them would like to dispose the Sailor Senshi and earn their spot in Dark Kingdom history, the DD Girls appear and volunteer for the job.

They tried to trick Sailor Moon by disguising themselves as Tuxedo Mask and nearly succeeded in trapping her, even though the others knew it was a trick. They then tricked Sailor Jupiter into thinking that they were Motoki Furuhata, and then they trapped her with wires. They pulled her into a hole, presumably killing her, but not before she destroyed two of the Girls, one red and one purple with Supreme Thunder.

Their next target was Sailor Mercury. The three remaining DD Girls disguised themselves as Ryo Urawa, but she was able to see through the illusion. But they managed to trap her anyway and presumably kill her, but not before Mercury destroyed the crystal on one of the girls forehead, that allowed her to create the illusions in the first place. Afterwards, they attempted to get Sailor Moon from under the ground, but she was pushed out of the way by Sailor Venus, who was trapped instead. She managed to kill the pink one with Crescent Beam, before apparently dying herself.

Afterwards, the two remaining girls captured Sailor Mars in a huge pile of rubble, where she destroyed them with Fire Soul, but was presumably also destroyed by them.

Unlike most monsters who act as a team, the DD Girls are undeterred by the loss of teammates, nor do they squabble among themselves for personal glory and focus purely upon their goal.


Jupiters death
The deaths of the red and purple DD Girls by Supreme Thunder
Venus death
The death of the pink DD Girl by Crescent Beam
Mars death 2
The death of the blue DD Girl by Fire Soul
Mars death
The death of the green DD Girl by Fire Soul

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