Cutie Kenko
Kyūti Kenkō


Resides in

Tokyo, Japan




His minions





First Appearance

Act Zero - The Birth of Sailor V



Cutie Kenko is the main villain in the direct-to-video episode of the live-action series, Act Zero - The Birth of Sailor V. He's a jewelry thief, who's mostly seen accompanied by his female minions, and had been wanted by the police for his crime. He's portrayed by IZAM.



Cutie Kenko is a young man with black hair, dyed light grey in the front, covering his forehead. He has obsidian-shaded eyes and wears a long sleeved tuxedo, and leather reaching to the bottom of his legs by the waist area. He has a small knife attached to the left side of his belt, and holds a red rose, seen always.


He made an entrance to his hideout, somewhere near the streets. He was welcomed by his minions, and planned to invade a jewelry shop at night, at the Azabu-Jubban neighborhood close to their location.

During the theft, his minions were encountered by three masked crime-fighting soldiers ( which in fact were the owner's daughter and her friends in disguise ). Easily, they were wrapped by glued strings, ready to be killed by Cutie Kenko, but it was cut by Usagi's presence. She introduced herself as Sailor Rabbit, then tried to attack, but failed. Then again, he commanded his minions to capture her. All of the girls were tied up, and taken their masks off. Naru was interrogated to give out information about a certain jewel, which was inside a locker.

As Cutie Kenko was about to open it, Usagi snatched the key, and swallowed it. Forcibly. he announced his retreat to his minions back at the hideout, taking Usagi with them. As they made it there, they put her inside a box ( based on a box used for magic tricks ). For some time, the tested her, but it soon ended as Cutie Kenko sent out a sharp rapier, directed at Usagi's throat. Sailor V prevented him from doing it, pronouncing a battle.

The fight was about to end, but Cutie Kenko throwed tiny molotovs at Sailor V's direction, damaging her body. Before the final move, the police arrived, who were called by their hostages at the jewelry shop. He and his minions were arrested, put in to jail.




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