Crystal Change Rod
Kurisutaru Chenji Roddo

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Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter

Used for

Transforming into their evolved, more powerful Super Sailor forms


Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
Mars Flame Sniper
Jupiter Oak Evolution
Venus Love and Beauty Shock

Transformation Phrase(s)

Venus Crystal Power, Make Up
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up

First Appearance

Time to Believe in the Pegasus! The Super Transformations of the Four Soldiers

The Crystal Change Rod was the name for the third, magical transformation devices granted to the four Inner Senshi by Pegasus himself. These much stronger and much more powerful mystical rods allowed them to transform and evolve into their more powerful Super Sailor form; granting them a new, more powerful signature attack and greatly magnifying the power of their existing ones. These devices only appeared and were used in the original anime's fourth and fifth seasons. Also in the Black Dream Hole movie to fight the evil Queen Badianyu and her fairy servants.


  • In the manga, each Senshi used their respective colored Sailor Crystals to transform into their stronger and evolved Super Sailor forms.
  • They remained in use in the fifth and final season of the original anime; as opposed to the four Inner Sailor Soldiers transforming and evolving into their Eternal Sailor forms (alongside Eternal Sailor Moon) as they did in the Stars saga.
  • The symbols that surround the Senshi’s planetary symbols and appear behind them at the end of their transformations are references to the items in the manga that the Inners use to perform their Super attacks. The lyre is the Mercury Harp (used for Mercury Aqua Rhapsody), the bow and arrow is the Mars Arrow (used for Mars Flame Sniper), the laurel is the Leaves of Oak (used for Jupiter Oak Evolution), and the roses are the Love Whip (used for Venus Love and Beauty Shock).
  • Despite attaining their Super forms, the Outer Senshi were never seen transforming or using any kind of transformation item during the Stars season. However, in fanart and other fanworks, it is extremely common to see Outer versions of the Crystal Change Rod; the items surrounding their planetary symbols are universally pictured as the Space Sword (Uranus), the Deep Aqua Mirror (Neptune), the Garnet Orb (Pluto), and the Silence Glaive (Saturn).
  • The name “Crystal Change Rod” comes from the toy replica released by Bandai.
  • The wings on the sides of the Rods are a reference to Pegasus, the one who created the Rods in the first place. The same wings appear on the Kaleidomoon Scope and the Crystal Carillon (also created by Pegasus).


Venus holding her Crystal Change Rod.
Mercury holding her Crystal Change Rod.
Jupiter holding her Crystal Change Rod.
Mars holding her Crystal Change Rod.

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