This article is about the 1997 music album. For the 2011 music album, please see Cristalli, Petali e Misteri per Sailor Moon (2011 album)

Cristalli, Petali e Misteri per Sailor Moon





Cristina D'Avena (tracks 1-6)
Nicola "Ryan" Bartolini Carrassi (narrator for track 7)

# of tracks




Release date


Cristalli, Petali e Misteri per Sailor Moon ("Crystals, Petals, and Mysteries for Sailor Moon") was a CD released for the Italian dub of the Sailor Moon Anime that included all five opening themes, a remix of the first opening theme, and a drama track with vocals from the last episode.

Track List

  1. Petali di Stelle per Sailor Moon
  2. Sailor Moon (Italian Theme Song)
  3. Sailor Moon, la Luna Splende
  4. Sailor Moon e il Cristallo del Cuore
  5. Sailor Moon e il Mistero dei Sogni
  6. Sailor Moon Dance Mix
  7. Sailor Moon e il Trionfo delle Stelle ("Sailor Moon and the Triumph of Stars"; drama track)


  • The songs on this CD had no similarity to the original songs, except for a translated version of "Sailor Star Song" used as background music in the drama track.
  • The drama track was included because they originally did not intend to show the last episode on TV, due to the scenes of Sailor Moon's nudity.
  • An album of the same name was released in 2011.

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