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Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! Sailor Senshi's Final Battle
Inner Senshi's death
銀河滅びる時! S戦士最後の戦い
Ginga Horobirutoki! Seeraa Senshi Saigo no Tatakai

5, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Air date

January 11, 1997


Genki Yoshimura


Harume Kosaka




Princess Kakyu Dies Out! Galaxia Descends


Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Threat

Air date


Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! Sailor Senshi's Final Battle! is the thirtieth episode of season five of Sailor Moon, and the 196th of the overall series. It first aired in Japan on January 11, 1997.


The Sailor Starlights go to take on Sailor Galaxia on their own, only to be easily defeated by her. Eternal Sailor Moon and her best friends try to help them. The evil Sailor Soldier attempts to eliminate the all of them at once, but the four Inner Super Sailor Senshi take the hit, fading away from existence in the process.



Changes From the Manga

  • Sailor Senshi don't have Star Seeds, but Sailor Crystals, although the latter are special kinds of Star seeds.
  • All the Sailor Senshi had their Eternal forms when they were killed during Stars.
  • Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter were killed by Sailor Aluminum Siren before their confrontation with Sailor Galaxia.
  • Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus were killed by Galaxia in the Hikawa Shrine.
  • The Sailor Starlights were killed before the last confrontation with Galaxia by Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi.
  • Sailor Galaxia's headquarters is in the center of the Milky Way galaxy itself, at the Galaxy Cauldron.

First Appearances



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