Sailor V's Compact

This is a list of disguises that were made by Minako Aino in Codename: Sailor V and a few times in the Sailor Moon manga with her compact.

Codename Sailor V

A Sentai-Heroine-Style Armored Warrior

A Policewoman

A Pretty-Boy Idol

A GI Fighting Girl

A Debuting Idol Beauty

A Beautiful Maid

A Hawaiian Bikini Gal


A Beautiful Executive Secretary

A Hair and Makeup Artist

A Top Cat Breeder

A Shogun

A Top Pharmaceuticals Medical Representative

An Enka Singer

An Extremely Sexy and Fresh-Faced Junior Idol

Ching Shih

Sailor Moon Manga

A Male Infinity Academy Student

A T-A Academy for Girls Student


Lady Armored Warrior
An armed warrior disguise
Police Woman
A police woman
A soldier
Minako Maid
A maid
Hawaiian Beauty
A Hawaiian Beauty
Minako Okamoto
Minako disguises as Okamoto
Mugen Gakuen Venus Disguise
Minako as a Mugen Gakuen Student
181 11 DFITW 19-20
181 7-10 NYSIE 151-152
181 15 HZLNW 135
School girl

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