Chibi Chibi Crystal Power, Make Up
Chibi Chibi Kurisutaru Pawā Meiku Appu
Chibi Chibi Crystal Power Japanese and Unflipped
Transformation phrase for...

Chibi Chibi

First Appearance

Act 54 - Stars 5

Chibi Chibi Crystal Power, Make Up was the command Chibi Chibi used to transform into Sailor Chibi-Chibi. It was only seen in Act 54 of the manga.


Sailor Chibi Chibi's Senshi form was seen in the anime, but she never had an actual transformation sequence. She transforms for the first time in episode 187 when she touches the Eternal Tiare and instantly becomes a Sailor Senshi. In episode 195 she seemed to be in mid-transformation when she appeared to Princess Kakyuu.

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