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Chaos (Sera Myu)



Kyaosu (キャオス)

First Appearance

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Eternal Legend


Ryuuji Kasahara

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Manga bio
Anime bio

Chaos was said to be the source of all evil in the galaxy. This is the first live-action depiction of the original manga character.


In the musical Eien Densetsu and its revision, Chaos (played by Ryuuji Kasahara) was originally portrayed as merely one of Sailor Galaxia's bumbling sidekicks, at which point he was referred to as Kyaosu (キャオス). Kyaosu did not seem to be entirely loyal to Galaxia and was willing to help Sailor Moon out at one point.

After Sailor Moon freed Galaxia using the power of the Light of Hope, Chaos revealed its true nature and tried to take the Silver Crystal. The freed Sailor Galaxia returned and saved Sailor Moon, and after she was joined by the other Sailor Senshi, they defeated it.



  • Kyaosu is "Chaos" in romanji.
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