Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship
Naru-chan ni egao wo! Usagi no yūjō

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

September 12, 1992


Sukehiro Tomita


Kunihiko Ikuhara




Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love


Love for Ami? A Boy Who Can Predict the Future


“The Power of Friendship”

Air date

October 10, 1995


Bobo the Vulture


Jupiter Comes Thundering In


Mercury's Mental Match

Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship” is the 26th episode of season one of Sailor Moon, and the 26th of the overall series. It first aired in Japan on September 12, 1992.


Naru is still very depressed after Nephrite's death. Usagi and Umino decide to take her to Yokohama to cheer her up. There, a kindly priest is attacked by Zoisite. Mamoru realizes that he is Tuxedo Mask, and drops a locket on the ground, where Usagi finds it.


Tuxedo Mask had a dream. He saw a princess with very long pony tails telling him to find the Silver Crystal. Tuxedo Mask asked what the Silver Crystal was. But the princess just said that the Silver Crystal would answer all questions. Then Mamoru woke up. He said that it was the same dream again. He wondered, "Am I Tuxedo Mask? If I get the Silver Crystal, would it solve all of the mysteries?"

Zoisite told Queen Beryl that he found the location of the second Rainbow Crystal. It was a priest.

During class Usagi noticed that Naru was absent. She had not come to school since Nephrite died. After school, Usagi told Umino to go to Naru's house with her. She said that Naru had not come to school for one week. Umino thought that Naru had been sick with the cold. Usagi told him to make her happy. Umino said that he would.

Usagi and Umino went to Naru's room. Umino said, "I thought you were sick. But maybe you just had a broken heart." Usagi quickly hit Umino and said, "Can't you think of anything else to say?" Umino then said, "Let's go eat chocolate parfait." Usagi hit Umino again. Naru then said, "Let's go play somewhere. Let's go eat something good." Luna told Ami, Rei, and Makoto that the Silver Crystal could destroy a planet. Also that nobody knew where it was. But Luna said that the Rainbow Crystal were the chips of the Silver Crystal. Luna told everyone about the seven youma's of the dark kingdom. Somebody had put them into the Rainbow Crystals. They became humans and lived peacefully. But Zoisite was now trying to get the Rainbow Crystals. If they got the seven Rainbow Crystals, they can get the Silver Crystal.

Makoto then said that with her there it would be okay. Rei got a little upset as that was supposed to be her line. Ami asked Luna how they could find the Rainbow Crystals. Luna said that the stick that she had given Usagi would respond to it. Rei said that she didn't think Usagi should have it. She said that Usagi would just use it as her daily tool. (Just then at home, Usagi cracked open her piggy bank with the stick.) Luna asked everyone to let Usagi be leader. Rei immediately opposed. Ami was going to say that Usagi could do it, but Rei pinched her leg. Makoto said that she didn't know Usagi well enough to decide yet.

Then Makoto called Usagi. She asked her to come because they were discussing something important. But Usagi said that she had to go to Chinatown in Yokohama to eat a lot of good food with Naru. Luna began to cry (as she was very disappointed in Usagi). Usagi, Umino, and Naru went to Yokohama. They were at the foreign cemetery. Umino said that he wanted to go eat. But Naru said, "There's so many tombs here. But Nephrite doesn't have one."

Naru went to a foreign priest and talked to him about Nephrite. Naru was holding the cloth that she had used to tie Nephrite's arm. The priest said that Naru had cared for him enough. Naru said that she had nothing left. Just when the priest said that someone will appear, Zoisite appeared. Naru remembered that it was the one who had killed Nephrite.

Umino and Usagi were looking around for Naru. Then Usagi's stick began to respond. Luna appeared. She told Usagi that the stick would respond to the Rainbow Crystals. She said that a youma would appear. Usagi called Makoto. Makoto was in Chinatown, and said that she would go right away. Usagi and Luna ran toward the Rainbow Crystal.

The minister asked Zoisite who he was. Zoisite said that it didn't matter, but that he would show the minister his own identity. Then Zoisite took out the Black Crystal. Naru recognized it as Nephrite's and tried to take it away from Zoisite. Usagi and Luna spotted Zoisite, the priest, and Naru. Luna said that Usagi should wait for Makoto. But Usagi said that Naru was in danger, and transformed. "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" Sailor Moon appeared. But Zoisite used his Black Crystal to get the Rainbow Crystal from inside the priest. Then the Rainbow Crystal went flying. Zoisite couldn't find it. The priest turned into a boxer youma, Boxy.

Zoisite told the boxer to knock out Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon said that she wasn't a boxer, but boxy attacked. Sailor Moon just tried to escape. When Naru called out for the minister, boxy attacked Naru. But Umino dove to save Naru. Then boxy attacked Sailor Moon. But Tuxedo Mask came to save Usagi. He said, "A priest shouldn't hit girls. You should hold them softly."

Boxy attacked Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask put Sailor Moon down and went to fight boxy. Usagi noticed Tuxedo Mask dropped a star shaped accessory. Then Makoto arrived and transformed. "Jupiter Power, Make Up!" Boxy attacked Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Jupiter used her "Supreme Thunder" attack and blasted the boxer. Then Sailor Moon took out her stick and used the "Moon Healing Escalation". The boxer turned back into a normal priest.

Tuxedo Mask found the Rainbow Crystal on the ground and disappeared. Zoisite said, "I'll get if from you," and left. Luna told Sailor Moon to get the Rainbow Crystals, but Usagi just looked in the direction where Tuxedo Mask had disappeared. Luna started crying again. Tuxedo Mask was looking at the Rainbow Crystals. Then he transformed back to Mamoru. He said he finally realized that he was Tuxedo Mask.

Naru wrapped Umino's arm with the cloth. Usagi was sitting with them on a park bench. Naru said, "I'm sorry I made you worry. I'll go to school from tomorrow." Usagi opened up the accessory. There was a little crescent moon inside, which turned around in the center. Some soft music came out from it.


Changes From the Manga

Dub Changes

  • In the English dub of the anime, Usagi mentions that she's going to see the new Sailor V movie but in the Japanese version, this is not mentioned as she is going for some food.
  • In the DiC dub, when trying to cheer Naru up, Melvin (Umino) mentions the disappearance of Maxfield Stanson (Nephrite's alias in DiC), instead of chocolate parfait since the reference was removed from the dub of Nephrite's last episode.

First Appearances


  • There is an easter egg in this episode referencing the famous Japanese composer and director Mamoru Fukisawa (professionally known as Joe Hisaishi), who produced the score of over 100 films, including Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, and other works. His official site can be seen here.
  • The second Rainbow Crystal is found; Tuxedo Mask keeps it and confirms his identity as Mamoru.
  • Usagi's introduction at the beginning of the episode has changed, now introducing Makoto/Sailor Jupiter.


Easter Eggs

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