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The Black Moon Clan is the main group of villains in the second arc in the manga, and for most of the second season of the original Sailor Moon series. They are an evil organization originating from Nemesis, the tenth planet of the solar system, in the 30th Century. Using the tremendously strong, evil powers of the Dark Crystal, they attacked Crystal Tokyo, pursuing the mighty Silver Crystal and turned all of the people into statues, and forced them into a comatose state of suspended animation, as well as the Queen herself. They eventually traveled back to 20th Century, pursuing the Rabbit.

The members of the Black Moon Clan have black upside-down black crescent moons on their foreheads in comparison to the Silver Millennium's own golden crescent moon-shaped symbols. Also, the members of the Black Moon have diamond-shaped earrings made out of the tremendously dark and evil Black/Dark Crystal that allow them to teleport over large distances in a flash of darkness.

They are referred to as the Negamoon Family, or the Realm of the Dark Crystal in the DIC English dubbed.


The Black Moon clan consists of mainly:


Droids were units used by the Black Moon Clan. In the manga, all of the droids were all similar looking in shape and form, and only able to produce screeches, while in the anime, they were all unique and were able to talk.

The Spectre Sisters used the droids in order to fill a Crystal Point with dark energy. Esmeraude did the same thing, but also ordered them to guard the Dark Wedge she implanted in the specific location.


30th Century

The Black Moon Clan are from the planet Nemesis in the 30th Century. Their ultimate goal was to destroy Crystal Tokyo.

Traveling Back in Time

After Chibiusa was sent back in time to 20th century Tokyo, the Black Moon Clan followed her, aiming to destroy her( which they call the Rabbit) and the Silver Crystal. They arrived shortly after the Makaiju Arc of Sailor Moon R.

Crimson Rubeus was initially tasked by Prince Demande with the Rabbit and the Silver Crystal, commanding the Spectre Sisters and using droids to aid him. Every time Chibiusa tried to return to the future, the energy given off would lead the Black Moon Clan right to her location. Eventually, the Black Moon Clan very soon found themselves up against the Sailor Senshi, wo protected the Rabbit.

While in the 20th Century, Rubueus additionally wanted to destroy what would become the Crystal Points of future Crystal Tokyo, but all his attempts were undermined by the Sailor Senshis, something that really disappointed the prince. Sailor Moon caused even more trouble for him after she turned each of the Spectre Sisters good. Esmeraude even mocks Rubeus for his repeated failures.

In an final attempt to prove himself worthy, Rubeus locates Chibiusa one more time and tries to capture her. Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter tries to protect her but ends up getting themselves captured by Rubeus aboard his spaceship. Sailor Moon and Chibiusa boards the ship. While Sailor Moon confroned Rubues in battle, it provided a distraction, allowing Chibiusa to destroy Rubeus's power source (his dark crystal) and free the other Sailor Senshis. Rubeus sets his ship to self-destruct, in an effort to take the Sailor Senshi and Chibiusa with him, but the Sailor Senshi and Chibiusa put their powers together and teleports safely back to earth. Rubeus is killed in the ship's explosion.


  • Like the Dark Kingdom, the Black Moon Clan also searched for the Silver Crystal, but with the intent to destroy it while the Dark Kingdom wanted to keep it to fuel its power.
  • Esmeraude and Rubeus share a rivalry similar to that betwen Nephrite and Zoicite.


7227384 orig

Black Moon Clan
Nega Moon Symbol

Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
Droids Boule BrothersAquatici and Veneti
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeSaphirBlack Lady

Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
Droids Boule BrothersAkumudaAtsugesshoAvogadoraDogbaDumbleFuraikiGiwakuJakokuJāmanenMarzipanNipasuPharmakonRyuaxUdering
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeBlack LadySaphir

Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierCalaverasPetz
Droids Aquatici and VenetiHyuru Hyuru
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeBlack LadySaphirSpotted TilmunAaronManna

Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Ayakashi Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
Droids Boule Brothers
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeSaphirBlack Lady

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