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Servant of Death Phantom


Chibiusa Tsukino


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Wiseman, Prince Demande


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Act 23 Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman

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Black Lady is an evil grown-up version of Chibiusa Tsukino from when she was corrupted by Wiseman (Death Phantom) in the Black Moon Arc. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Black Lady is an evil and corrupted version of Chibiusa. She came to be when Wiseman tricked Chibiusa into thinking that he was her ally.


Black Lady looked like a grown up version of Chibiusa. However, in this form, her hair's longer and her eyes are described by Naoko Takeuchi as "done like glass balls" so that they can distinguish her eyes from Chibiusa's. She is also a bit shorter than Sailor Moon. She wore a long black dress with a slit on each side. The sleeve and chest portions are organdy. The fabric of her skirt is also the same color as the shawl that she is usually seen with. Also, the sleeve cuffs and collar have diamonds on them. Her footwear consists of satin high heels. She also wears black crystal earrings.


Black Moon Arc

Chibiusa goes to the Door of Space-Time after remembering how everyone in Crystal Tokyo teased her and how she met Sailor Pluto. But seeing Pluto so happy, she thinks that no one really needs her in Crystal Tokyo anymore. As she tries to get back to the 20th century, she unknowingly drops her key by the Door of Space-Time.

As the Space-Time key is required to travel in time through Door of Space-Time, this shows that one can never be seen or heard from again if they are warped in this hole. This is when Chibiusa realizes that she left her key behind. Wiseman then appears and pretends to be her ally, comforting her by saying that he needs her. Wiseman then takes Chibiusa's hand, and a major space-time storm occurs after Chibiusa complies. Pluto knows that this was caused by Chibiusa being in a major transformation.

Later in the next act, an adult-like woman who strongly resembles Chibiusa appears next to Wiseman as a shadow. She then introduces herself as Black Lady at the beginning of Act 24.  She discards Luna-P, regarding it as a foolish toy, using dark power to attack her foes, as well as hypnotizing Tuxedo Mask to join her cause.

Sailor Pluto assists Sailor Moon to stop Demande from bringing two Silver Crystals from past and future together into contact, which would have destroyed everything, with Time Stop. Unfortunately, doing so costs Sailor Pluto her life. Black Lady mourns for her friend's death, triggering her transformation into Sailor Chibi Moon.


Originally, Naoko Takeuchi struggled with a name for Black Lady, initially calling her "the Black Queen", and retaining her childlike appearance.[1] Naoko had also noted that the leg-slit on Black Lady's dress was even more revealing in the anime than in the manga, something which shocked her, as she had wondered if the slit was going too far in her own drawings of the character.[2]


  • While she makes her only appearance in the second arc of the manga, she is mentioned again in Act 40 after Chibiusa's age is switched with Usagi's per PallaPalla's magic, causing the Inner Senshi to briefly mistake Chibiusa for her more antagonistic alter-ego.
  • The TokyoPop version of the manga used both "Black Lady" and "Wicked Lady" for the character's name.


Black Lady introducing herself.

Black Lady Concept Art
Black Lady's concept art.

Black Lady from Artbook 2. Cover of Act 24. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Chibiusa, Serenity, and Black Lady in Artbook 2
Picture of Chibiusa, Princess Serenity, and Black Lady from Artbook 2. Cover of Act 25. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium perfume ad. Black Lady's pose in one piece of official artwork is based off of Yves's pose.


  1. From "Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Volume V"
  2. From "Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Volume II"

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