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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R is a video game for the Super Famicom released in late 1993 and is the sequel to Sailor Moon (Super Famicom). Unlike all of the other video games, it was developed and published by Bandai.


The game has gameplay similar to Sailor Moon (Super Famicom), but with more options. The player can choose from any one of the Inner Senshi or Chibiusa. If Chibiusa is chosen, three secret modes for two players will be unlocked.


Once the player has chosen a character, they fight through four levels divided into two sub-levels. They fight numerous Droids, mostly consisting of default Droids based on their manga incarnations, Atsugessho, Furaiki, Dumble, and Avogadora. In later levels, several Jamanen can also be fought. Some of the Droids become more fierce in the last levels, such as Furaiki, who gains the ability to jump and electrocute the playing character. Pressing a special button makes the character use a devastating attack that kills all lesser enemies on screen and causes significant damage to a boss character, although the use of the attack is limited. Bonus items can be picked up from the ground, usually in the form of food items that replenishes the life meter to varying degrees. For example, rose will give a new life if the life meter is full, and a bowtie will give the player another chance to use the super attack. The playing character can also break down tables or crystals to get bonus items.


  • A forest/jungle-themed park, with a ride on a raft - The boss is Saphir
  • Crystal Tokyo and the Crystal Palace - The boss is Rubeus. He stands in the background watching the player, who has to defeat the present Droids before being able to fight him.
  • Nemesis - The boss was Prince Demande. He also stands in the background watching the player, who has to defeat the present Droids before fighting him.

Battle Mode

At the main screen, the player can the battle mode and then enter into a battle between two of the Sailor Senshi. If two-player mode is chosen with only one player, the opposing Senshi will not fight back, making it more a training mode of sorts.


  • Chibiusa is the easiest character to play. Her attacks are fast, and she is short enough to dodge attacks from enemies.
  • In Saphir's level, the player can also defeat enemies on this level by making them fall into the water.
  • The majority of the in-game sprites are recycled from the first game that was developed by the other company Angel, but re-touched with more details. The sprites used since this game have been recycled in subsequent games, even the ones developed by Angel.
  • One of Furaiki's color schemes bears a close resemblance to Usagi's civilian mother Ikuko.
  • Furaiki shoots out flames in the game, yet in the anime she shoots out wind.


Title screen.
The Player Select screen
The Stage Intro screen, showing chibi versions of the Sailor Senshi
Stage 1-1, featuring Sailor Venus and ???.
Sailor Moon performing the Moon Princess Halation magic attack against enemies on-screen on Stage 1-1.

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