Belinda Martínez
Belinda Martínez
Full Name

Belinda Martínez Miranda


May 22


Benjamín Rivera


Voice actress

SM Roles

Mexican dub:
Sailor Uranus/ Haruka Tenou
Reina Beryl
Petzite (ep. 64 - 65)
Kalaberite (ep. 66 - 88)

Belinda Martínez is a Mexican voice actress who performed the role of Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenou in the Mexican dub of the Sailor Moon anime. She voiced several other significant roles in the anime, such as Queen Beryl, Petz and Calaveras and a few minor ones; these include Haruna Sakurada and Tomoko Takase.[1] Her husband is Benjamín Rivera, Prince Demande's voice actor in the that dub.

She has been working as a voice actress since the 80's and one of her firsts works include a minor role in Vacation and Lora Baines in Tron[2]. Since then Martínez has been working in movies, anime series (Panta in Saber Marionette), western cartoons and several Brazilian "telenovelas" (soap operas), always as a voice actress[3] One of her most recent works is Slime Princess in Adventure Time.


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