Ayako Morino
Morino Ayako

February 7, 1977



BirthplaceSaitama Prefecture, Japan

Former occupations:
Actress, singer

SM Roles

Sera Myu:
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury (1993-1998)

Ayako Morino was the first actress to play Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury in the Sera Myu musicals. She is the longest running actress to play Sailor Mercury in the musicals.

Ayako is the sixth longest-running performer with 382 performances. She is tied with Anza Ooyama.

Ayako graduated from Horikoshi High School, and made her career debut as she first did her first stage called Annie, and was a member of Sakurakko Club, a group which also Anza Ooyama had been a member of. Also Sakurakko Club had done the theme of "Rashiku" Ikimasho and Moonlight Densetsu under the name of Moon Lips. After her graduation on Sera Myu, Ayako performed on stages until 2002. She also released two CDs, while she signed up with Stardust Promotion. As of 2002, Ayako is retired from the entertainment industry.[1]



  • Ayako has been twice on a group with Anza Ooyama, one being Sakkurako Club, along with the three other first Senshi on the the first Sera Myu, and MOMO in which only her and Anza were, and were a duet.
  • Ayako has graduated from Horikoshi High School, which has also been the high school for a basic amount of idols, and actor/actresses.
  • Her blood type is "AB".
  • Her height is 160cm or 5'3".


Ayako Ami
Ayako as Ami Mizuno
Ayako Ami Mizuno
Ayako Mercury
Ayako as Sailor Mercury


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