Aurora ♥ Wedding was a very popular romantic action comedy manga series that was featured in chapter 12 of Codename: Sailor V.


It was written and illustrated by Marie Buraidaru and it had 110 volumes. The series was so popular that it had an anime based off of it. There were also rumors about a Hollywood movie based off of the series too.

The story was about a ten sisters who run a bridal shop by day and defeat enemies as warriors at night. Later on, the nine sisters get married and retire from their lives as warriors. The only sister who doesn't get married is Linda Evangeligeli, a model who always gets saved by a man called Coattail Mask. Other characters included Linda's pet cat who always works hard at playing Cupid.

The series ended with Linda getting married to Coattail Mask.


  • The series sounds very similar to the Sailor Moon series.
  • A silhouetted picture of the ten sisters appeared in one of the panels. A picture from the third artbook mimics this panel.
  • If you look closely at one of the panels of the manga were Minako is reading one of the chapters, you can see a picture Usagi on the page she's reading.
    • Also, in another panel of Minako reading the same chapter, you can see the first two panels of the page that the panel is on on the page she's reading.


SV 12 1
Minako talking about the manga.
SV 12 2
The silhouetted picture.
SV 12 3
A picture of Linda.

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