Araceli de León
Full Name

Yolanda Araceli León Rosas



Died on

October 2, 1999 (48 years old)


Voice actress

SM Roles

Mexican dub:
Lita Kino /Sailor Jupiter

Araceli de León was a voice actress who voiced Lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter in every season and movie of the Mexican dub of the Sailor Moon anime. She died on October 2, 1999 due to a cardiac arrest.

"Sailor Jupiter" probably is her most famous and recognizable work as a voice actress, but it wasn't her only one. Other characters voiced by her include Shampoo (Ranma ½), Yajirobe (Dragon Ball), Old Rose (Titanic), Dr. Blight (1st season) (Captain Planet and the Planeteers). Her last work was Nobita Nobi (Doraemon), but she died three weeks later she started voicing that character.

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