Andy Heyward

Former Occupations:
Writer and story editor for Hanna-Barbera, chairman and CEO of DiC Entertainment, voice director, songwriter, creative consultant, and executive producer[1]

Anime, PGSM, or manga staff?

North American anime staff

Full Name

Andrew A. Heyward


February 19, 1949



BirthplaceNew York City, New York

Amy Moynihan


Sylvia Heyward (née Block)(mother)
Louis M. Heyward (father)

Andy Heyward is the former chairman and CEO of DiC Entertainment.

In 1986, he bought the remaining shares owned by Jean Chalopin, the founder of DiC Audiovisuel. That same year, he performed a buyout of majority shares that were owned by Radio-Television Luxembourg and thanks to this, he became the lead of DiC Entertainment. Up until 2008, him, Robby London, and Micheal Maliani where Chairman and CEO of DiC.

Aside from having been the CEO and Chairman of DiC, he is known for co-creating "Inspector Gadget", a 1982 cartoon series, as well as being a voice director, voice actor, creative consultant, and executive producer who has worked on many different shows and television specials, including "Rainbow Brite" and "Zoobilee Zoo".

He currently runs an animation company called A Squared Entertainment, which is a company that he co-funded with his wife Amy Moynihan.

Writing Credits


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