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This page includes images of Ami Mizuno from the second anime series.


Season 1

Ami in the opening sequence
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Ami's Cameo
Ami's cameo in episode one
Usagi 16
Makoto, Usagi, and Ami in episode 6.
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Ami and Makoto in episode 6.
Ami and Rei
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Ami in episode 16
Ami about to transform

Season 2

Season 3

Other Images

Ami Crystal Design
Official Profile of Ami
The Girls After School - Crystal - Yukie Sako
The Inner Senshi in their civilian forms. Picture by Yukie Sako.
Chibiusa ami usagi
Usagi and Ami hugging Chibiusa.
Minako ami usagi
Ami with Usagi and Minako

Other Animation Images


Inner Senshi - Anime CUTiE
Character designs of the Inner Sailor Senshi. Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury is in the top left corner
Ami Mizuno Jacket Cover

Unsorted Images

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