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Amazon Quarttete

The Amazoness Quartet

The Amazoness Quartet are some of the most powerful followers of Queen Nehelenia. They are all young girls possessing orbs that give them eternal childhood. Their names are VesVes, CereCere, JunJun, and PallaPalla.

In the anime


The Amazoness Quartet as shown in the anime

The Amazoness Quartet (Amazon Quartet in the English dub) were playing in the forest when they found a dream mirror, which Queen Nehelenia spoke to them through, and began working for her when she gave them their orbs, to keep them young forever.

When it became clear the Amazon Trio could not find Pegasus, Zirconia sent them to eliminate the Amazon Trio. Palla Palla summoned a Lemure named Mr. Magic Pierrot to kill them. However, Mr. Magic Pierrot was destroyed.

From here, the Amazoness Quartet took over searching dream mirrors for Pegasus. They never had to look into them, however, as they were told that the dream mirror that contained Pegasus would be a golden mirror. They searched several dream mirrors and sent several Lemures to fight the Sailor Senshi when they tried to stop them, but all the Lemures were destroyed.

The Amazon Quartet were always getting on Zirconia's nerves (though Nehelenia insisted she keep them around), often calling her "Zirc", "Zirco", "Zirc the Jerk", and "Zirc Face". They also disliked the idea of growing up, feeling it would destroy their dreams.


The Quartet finding Nehelenia's mirror.

Eventually, the Amazon Quartet fought the Sailor Senshi, but were recalled by Zirconia and given power by Queen Nehelenia. Inside the circus tent, they gained the advantage over the Sailor Senshi, but when Sailor Chibi Moon called Pegasus, Sailor Moon defeated them. They survived, but Sailor Chibi Moon became trapped by Nehelenia shortly after, switched her around with a doll so they could ride Pegasus. They were unable to, however, and Queen Nehelenia imprisoned them inside mirrors in another dimension as punishment after finding out about the doll identity trick.

Amazoness Quatret playing

Queen Nehelenia returned them to Zirconia's room during Zirconia's fight with the Sailor Senshi, after Zirconia pleaded with Queen Nehelenia for more assistance because he was losing the battle with the Sailor Senshi team. He then decided to drain the Amazoness's Quartet's power for himself to seek revenge on the Sailor Senshi team, seeing that he was losing the battle with them. The Sailor Senshi convinced the Amazoness Quartet to crush their orbs, and that this would not destroy their dreams even though it meant giving up their eternal childhood. Without their orbs, they no longer possessed Nehelenia's power, but this also meant they couldn't be controlled by Zirconia anymore as part of the Dead Moon Circus, so they were now free to roam by themselves. After realising that they were tricked by Zirconia and were about to die, and having realised that Sailor Moon was there to help save them but didn't have enough power to defeat the now powerful Zirconia and Queen Nehelenia, they decided on a plan to help Sailor Moon. During the Sailor Senshi' fight with Queen Nehelenia, they switched the golden crystal (which was in her possession) with a pineapple, and gave the Golden Crystal to Sailor Moon to enhance Sailor Moon's powers.

After Queen Nehelenia decided to leave Earth and return to her own mirror, the Amazon Quartet decided to leave quietly without a farewell to the Sailor Senshi, saying they might see the Sailor Senshi again sometime and that this is "their style" of a farewell.

In the manga

In the manga, the Amazoness Quartet are present from the very beginning of the Dead Moon Circus' arrival. In the beginning, they discover that the Sailor Senshi can no longer transform and, under orders from Zirconia, they send out the Amazon Trio to attack Sailor Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. However, during each attack, the Sailor Senshi meet other versions of themselves and gain powered up transformations. They then attack the Senshi directly when Sailor Venus approaches Dark Circus, hoping to regain her transformation as well. Sailor Venus then powers up, after learning that the Senshi powers had only been suppressed for a "growth spurt", and with the help of the other Senshi, defeat the Amazoness Quartet.

Sailor Moon confronts the Amazoness Quartet later on when going to rescue Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn and tries to get them to not give up on their dreams, but Nehelenia attacks them before they can take her hand and traps them in crystal orbs. Later, it is discovered that they are actually the Sailor Quartet, who were sleeping in the Amazon when Nehelenia found them and brainwashed them. They were destined to become Sailor Chibi Moon's sailor team and they return to sleep in the Amazon, saying that they will reawaken when she becomes a full fledged Senshi.

Later in the end of the Sailor Stars Series, they return and join Chibi Sailor Moon in helping Sailor Moon.


  • In the English dub of the anime, when they first appear at the arcade, they made up a motto. Their motto is: "Don't dream that you're all grown-up, big dreams are best just for kids!"
  • The Amazoness Quartet we the only subvillain group in the manga that were never destroyed, they were rather healed by Sailor Moon and returned to their true forms as Sailor Senshi.

Dead Moon Circus

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