Alisa Mizuki
Mizuki Arisa
Full Name

Alisa Mizuki


December 5, 1976


The Wind, the Sky, Surely...

Alisa Mizuki is an Japanese singer, and a known actress born on Tokyo, Japan. She performed the song The Wind, the Sky, Surely..., the ending theme for the fifth season of the anime.

Alisa is a known actress, and singer who begined her career on 1981. As an actress, some known works of her include Sakura Yaruno from Night Teacher, Rika Hasumi from Goen Hunter, and Izumi Asakura from Leave It to the Nurses series. As a singer, Alisa has released 24 singles, and 6 albums. Alisa has also appeared on many commericals, radios, and has done model work. [1]


  • Her blood type is "A".
  • She is 170cm or 5'5".
  • She went to Meiji University, but dropped out.

External Links


  1. Page on Japanese Wikipedia

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