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“Act 8 - Rei And Her Father”
Rei to Otosan
Air Date

November 22, 2003


Yasuko Kobayashi


Ryuuta Tasaki

Prev. Ep.

Act 7 - He Saw Me Transforming! ”

Next Ep.

Act 9 - I'll Protect the Legendary Silver Crystal

Act 8 - Rei and Her Father is the eighth episode of "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon". It aired on November 22, 2003.


There's going to be a Nako Nako (Minako's mascot) lookalike competition. Rei and Makoto aren't interested and Ami is too busy researching Sailor V but Usagi is entering so she wants their help as she is short on time. Rei and Makoto argue with Rei saying she should take care of it herself and Makoto willing to help. Usagi decides to do it herself. Rei and Makoto glare at each other with Makoto saying Rei is too cold. The next day Makoto sees Rei entering a car along with some people in suits and wonders if she's being kidnapped. Makoto follows the people and when they get out of the car and go into a building Makoto goes after Rei, getting into a fight with some of the people in suits along the way but when Miss Kurata, Takashi Hino's secretary is about to call the police Rei says there's no need, Makoto is her friend and to leave the room. Rei tells Makoto that although her father is a busy man they meet once a month and that in thinking that she was being kidnapped she wasn't far off as she hates the meetings. Miss Kurata reenters the room saying that Takashi is looking for material on ideal parent-child relationships which causes Rei to cry and say that ever since her mother died he has just been trying to boost his image as a politician and when Miss Kurata tries to protest Rei forces her out of the room. Makoto then hides Rei under a dining cart and they escape then defeat the youma at the contest and end up with consolation prizes. They decide not to tell Usagi as she didn't get anything.



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