“Act 4 - Sneaking into the Party!”
PAATII ni Sennyuu yo!
Air Date

October 25, 2003


Yasuko Kobayashi


Masataka Takamaru

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Act 5 - Is Usagi a True Friend?

"Act 4 - Sneaking into the Party!" was the fourth episode of the live-action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It first aired in Japan on October 25, 2003.


After hearing that a crystal called the Blue Crystal will be displayed at a birthday party for Yuka Sakuragi, Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Luna decide to crash the party in order to see if it is the Silver Crystal. Queen Beryl also takes interest in the crystal and sends the second Shitennou, Nephrite, to the party to investigate.


Due to Jadeite's incompetence Queen Beryl sends Nephrite after the crystal instead. At Crown Ami, Usagi and Luna decide to go to Yuka Sakuragi's party as she will be displaying her blue crystal at it but Rei says that she can handle it by herself. At the party they head backstage and Ami asks Rei if she's afraid of making friends and that she understands if she is to which Rei responds that family and friends always leave . They struggle against the youma until Usagi decides that they should attack in time to C'Est La Vie and Rei agrees even though she hates singing. When the fight ends Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon thank each other for saving them. When Luna asks if he is also looking for the silver crystal he replies that if they're both looking for the same thing they may be enemies. As the senshi walk home Usagi says that they should have a karaoke party the next time and Rei says that she'll come if they remove the karaoke part.



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