“Act 48 - Dream 10, Princess Dream”
Act 48 Raw
Act 48 夢10—プリンセス・ドリーム
Act 48 Yume 10 Purinsesu Dorīmu





Act 47 - Dream 9, Dead Moon Dream


Act 49 - Dream 11, Earth and Moon Dream

As the Queen of the Dead Moon becomes more powerful, the Sailor Senshi learn more about the past and are given new powers.


Nehellenia appears before the Senshi in her mirror. She indicates that she had known Queen Serenity during the Silver Millenium and will take claim over the Moon Kingdom again. Sailor Moon tries to destroy Nehellenia but her power is reflected off the mirror. The Sailor Senshi are shown a vision of the past life when Princess Serenity was just an infant. In the room was a mirror that appeared similar to Nehellenia's mirror.

The people of the Silver Millennium are all at a party to celebrate the birth of Princess Serenity. However, Nehellenia appears to the celebration uninvited. She appeared from the darkness within the moon, as the darkness to Queen Serenity's light. Her darkness began to enlarge, and Queen Serenity uses the Silver Crystal to seal Nehellenia into the mirror, but not before Nehellenia cast a curse: that Princess Serenity would never live to ascend to the throne.

In the present, Nehellenia steals the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon begin to submit to the curse casted on Earth when Nehellenia invaded Elysion. However, Tuxedo Mask gives his power to Sailor Moon and she is able to retrieve the Silver Crystal from Nehellenia. Sailor Moon raises her power as the Sailor Senshi take on their princess forms, while Luna, Artemis, and Diana take on human forms. The Senshi meet their guardians who bestow them new power, and all nine Super Sailor Soldiers' lend their strength to Super Sailor Moon to create the Holy Moon Cálice. With its power, Usagi evolves into her strongest form yet: Eternal Sailor Moon.

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