“Act 44 - Dream 6, New Soldiers Dream”
Act 44 Raw
Act 44 夢6—ニュー・ソルジャー・ドリーム
Act 44 Yume 6 Nyū Sorujā Dorīmu





Act 43 - Dream 5, Venus Dream


Act 45 - Dream 7, Mirror Dream

While Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna are enjoying their settled lives, they worry about Hotaru and her rapid growth and high mental development, which implies that the spirit of Sailor Saturn herself within her is near full awakening once again, and the nearing evil they detect.


The four Outer Senshi all live together and raise a young Hotaru, who is growing up at an accelerated rate. Setsuna thinks back when she had a terrifying vision during the solar eclipse. Now she, Michiru, and Haruka are unable to transform into Sailor Senshi. And now Hotaru is starting to show signs of her Guardian powers awakening. When she plays the violin, she projects an image of Pegasus and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. She also creates an image of the Solar System and its history up to the last solar eclipse. They see the Earth and Moon consumed in darkness even after the eclipse ends, confirming their suspicions of an invasion of a new enemy. However, they think that they lost the ability to transform because they were no longer needed. Hotaru has a vision of her other self Sailor Saturn who tells her that she has awakened once more and restores her incarnation's memories of her previous life and ages her to her original age.

Hotaru tells the other Outer Senshi that they are not the same as they were in past lives, and that they do not have to live in solitude or fight at a secluded distance. She gives them their Sailor Crystals and they join the fight with the other Super Sailor Senshi.

Meanwhile, Minako is still holding onto the ledge, shouting for Artemis, fearing he is dead. However, Artemis lifts the bolder off him, having taken a human form, and gives Minako her Sailor Crystal. Minako turn into Super Sailor Venus and destroys Xenotime and Zeolite. The Amazoness Quartet use their powers to restrain the Senshi, and send Lemures after them. Chibiusa sees Usagi after visiting Mamoru, and sees her cough, realizing the curse inflicting Mamoru has passed to Usagi as well.

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