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“Act 43 - Dream 5, Venus Dream”
Act 43 Raw
Act 43 夢5—ヴィーナス・ドリーム
Act 43 Yume 5 Vīnasu Dorīmu





Act 42 - Dream 4, Jupiter Dream


Act 44 - Dream 6, New Soldiers Dream

Helios appears before Usagi, Mamoru, Makoto, and Chibiusa in his human form, and reveals his origins and Queen Nehellenia's plan to cover the world in darkness and nighmares.

Meanwhile, Minako becomes frustrated that she is the only one of the Inner Sailor Senshi who is unable to transform, and her inability to transform causes her to become a target for the Amazoness Quartet and the knife throwing twins.


Helios introduces himself to Mamoru and the six super Sailor Senshi and tells Mamoru that he has been his guardian as well as the protector of Elysion. Helios tells them of how Nehellenia arrived and captured Helios and brought ruin to Elysion, causing both Helios and Mamoru to be cursed. He tells them that they need Super Sailor Moon to undue the seal on the Golden Crystal (which is revealed to be Prince Endymion/Mamoru's very own Crystal and the symbolized weapon of infinite power of good or evil) all along, in order to save them. Meanwhile, Minako has been keeping her secret from the rest of the group that she cannot transform into Super Sailor Venus. Seeing her in a weakened state, the Amazoness Quartet decide that they should attack Minako, and send Xenotime and Zeolite after her.

Minako is approached by Xenotime disguising himself as a talent scout and asks Minako if she would like to join a competition to become an idol. Minako is aware that it is a trap, but goes in anyway to prove herself as leader of the Sailor Senshi. The challenge that the twins set is to save children on a collapsible platform.

The other challengers become brainwashed by the Dead Moon Circus to be competitive. Before they can be hit by oncoming boulders, the other Senshi arrive to help and learn that Minako can't transform. The other Senshi try to stop Minako but are pinned down by knives thrown by one of the twins. Minako reaches the top, only to figure out that the children are really Lemures and attack her. The Amazoness Quartet drop Minako through a trap door on the platform and Artemis grabs onto Minako to hold her up. PallaPalla creates a giant boulder and Minako watches helplessly as it is dropped on Artemis.


  • This is the first appearance of Xenotime and Zeolite.

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