This page for the thirty-sixth chapter of the manga series. For the episode of the second anime series, please see Act 36 - Infinity 10, Infinite, Upper Atmosphere (episode).
“Act 36 - Infinity 10, Infinite, Upper Atmosphere”
Act 36 Raw
Act 36 無限10—無限大―上空
Act 36 Mugen 10 Mugendai Jōkū





Act 35 - Infinity 9, Infinite Labyrinth 2


Act 37 - Infinity 11, Infinite, Judge


Super Sailor Moon and the three Outer Senshi discover that Hotaru is Mistress 9 and in the league of the Death Busters, and Mistress 9 announces that Earth will now become the new home of the Tau Star System, with Pharaoh 90 as its ruler and Mistress 9 alongside him as his trusted partner. Meanwhile, inside of Mistress 9, Hotaru's consciousness still lives.


Sailor Moon sees Mistress 9 along with another powerful dark being on the roof of Mugen Academy. The sky darkens, the Earth beneath the school breaks and the building is destroyed, leaving a fountain floating at the top, with the Inner Senshi unconscious, floating above it. Mistress 9 says that Pharaoh 90 will merge with the Earth (like how Daimons merged with humans), and make Earth the new home world. To keep the evil force from spreading, Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto stand on the three surrounding buildings and use their talismans to create a barrier.

Mistress 9 struggles against Hotaru for control of the body, and she takes the souls of the Inner Senshi. Knowing her life will end, Hotaru uses all her strength to break away from Mistress 9, returning Chibiusa's soul and Silver Crystal, as well as the other Senshis' souls. Mistress 9 breaks through Hotaru's body, taking a Daimon form and Hotaru's soul vanishes.

Now awake, Chibiusa becomes Sailor Chibi Moon and Mamoru becomes Tuxedo Mask, and they go to join the battle. Sailor Moon uses the Holy Grail to become Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon gains her own Holy Grail, becoming Super Sailor Chibi Moon. The two ready to combine their newly acquired Super Sailor powers to fight their enemy.

First Appearances


  • In the original anime, it was the four Inner Sailor Guardians who had created an unusually powerful shield all around Mugen Academy. In the English dub, it was called "the Sailor Box," which Sailors' Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus had then used their abilities to make telepathic contact with Sailor Moon.
  • This title can also be named "Infinite Upper Skies."

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