This page for the twenty-eighth chapter of the manga series. For the episode of the second anime series, please see Act 28 - Infinity 2, Ripples (episode).
“Act 28 - Infinity 2, Ripples”
Act 28
Act 28 無限2—波紋
Act 28 Mugen 2 Hamon





Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition


Act 29 - Infinity 3, Two New Soldiers

Sailor Moon defeats the Daimon and sees two mysterious figures that resemble a Sailor Guardian and Tuxedo Mask. Also, while the Inner Sailor Senshi stay on Mount M where the Infinity Academy student camp is, they fight Eudial of the Witches 5.


Sailor Moon uses the Spiral Heart Moon Rod to blast the creature and it reverts into a cat. In the distance the Senshi see two figures in the shadows fleeing the scene. Sailor Chibi Moon introduces herself to the girl she just saved, Hotaru Tomoe. Back at home, Hotaru has another one of her frequent attacks and her father gives her a strange crystal to sooth her attacks. The Sailor Senshi discuss if the two figures they saw could possibly Sailor Senshi as well or new enemies.The girls go to visit Rei who has gone to Mount M to train. At the same time, many Mugen Academy students have gone there. At night, while the girls sleep, Rei and Makoto wake up and see from the Mugen camp, that all of the students gathered around a huge fire. The student leading them commands them to give their souls to the Death Buster's leader Pharaoh 90 and their souls begin to be extracted from their bodies. Mars and Jupiter intervene and fight against the speaker, Eudial of the Witches 5, and she transforms into a hideous creature. Hearing the commotion, the rest of the Sailor Senshi join in and Sailor Moon destroys Eudial. Assessing the situation, the Sailor Senshi hear someone watching them and they see someone who clearly resembles a Sailor Guardian.


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