This page is for the twenty-fifth chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. For the twenty-fifth episode of the second anime series, please see Act 25 - Showdown, Death Phantom (episode).
“Act 25 - Showdown, Death Phantom”
Act 25 Taiketsu DEATH PHANTOM



Act 25 Showdown - Death Phantom


Act 24 - Attack, Black Lady


Act 26 - Replay, Never Ending

Sailor Pluto uses her forbidden ability to time in order to keep Prince Demende from making the two Silver Crystals touch, and as a result, she dies. Black Lady remembers that Sailor Pluto was her dearest and closest friend, and begins to cry, causing another Silver Crystal to appear, and transforms into her standard Sailor form of Sailor Chibi Moon for the first time.


Demande is close to touching the two Silver Crystals together, which would destroy the world. But when they are only centimeters apart, Sailor Pluto calls out her forbidden attack, Time Stop. Time suddenly stops in place, except for the Sailor Senshi. Usagi grabs the two crystals from Demande and Pluto collapses.

Sailor Pluto explains that because she stopped time, she gave up her life. Black Lady watches as Pluto, her only friend, die and it is able to break Wiseman's hold on her. The Silver Crystal shines and Black Lady turns back into Chibiusa, who has now become a new Sailor Senshi, Sailor Chibi Moon and Neo Queen Serenity begins to awaken. Time begins to move again and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and they continue the battle against Nemesis. Demande goes to kill Sailor Moon, but is killed by the combined power of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. They are absorbed by Nemesis and see a figure in the core, the mind of Nemesis, Death Phantom. Vowing to protect Earth, Sailor Moon directs the Cutie Moon Rod at Death Phantom; ready to annihilate him once and for all.

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