“Act 17 - Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!”
Risa Hino's Grave
Tsui ni Sorotta Gonin no Sailor Senshi
Air Date

January 31, 2004


Yasuko Kobayashi


Takemitsu Sato

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Act 17 - Minako Transforms In Front Of Rei's Eyes! is the 18th act of "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon".


Minako is dying, Usagi is heartbroken and it's the anniversary of Risa Hino's death. One of the grimmest episodes of PGSM.


Minako is dying. A number of her tours have been cancelled already while Usagi is upset that Mamoru has a girlfriend. Usagi decides to make him a muffler. As it's the anniversary of her mother's death Rei has gone to the Catholic church (kyoukai) to lay flowers at her mother (Risa)'s grave. As she prays silently The Priest comes and says to her that her mother must be pleased and that she would be even more pleased if her father came along. Rei says that he's been a workaholic since Risa died and the priest then silently leaves. Usagi buys some yarn for the muffler.  As Minako leaves the church and Rei leaves the gravesite they both end up in the same place and the priest asks Minako to help him care for a dog which is the worse for wear. A nun comes in and says to the priest that they must be going so Rei and Minako volunteer for to look after the dog. The priest thanks them and leaves. Usagi, still with Makoto, decides to go to Crown. Rei sees a picture of Minako praying in a magazine (the kanji says mass) and then recognises her, explaining that she doesn't watch t.v much but that her friend (Usagi) is a big fan who went to the hospital to get her autograph. She says to Minako that it seems that even performers go to church alone and Minako says that she likes it as she can think about various things there. Rei's stomach rumbles so Minako gives her candy, the only food she has on her. A youma knocks out the priest so Rei transforms and gives chase. In spite of her failing health Minako decides to fight. Rushing to the church Usagi bumps into Mamoru and his girlfriend Hina. This causes Usagi to run in the opposite direction to the church, upset that Hina is so nice and thinking that she can't compete for Mamoru. In spite of Artemis' protest Minako transforms as Rei was struggling. Rei is surprised that Minako is Sailor Venus. The fight is a stalemate and the youma runs away. Rei stays to see if Minako is OK so Minako scolds her for letting the youma get away.

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  • After the priest silently leaves Rei Minako is praying in the church even though she later had a song where a line was "There's no such thing as God but I want to believe in something". Rei's mother was later buried behind the church in its graveyard as we see when she meets with her father there. The church was never named, it simply says St Juban Church.

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