This page for the tenth chapter of the manga series. For the episode of the second anime series, please see Act 10 - Moon (episode).
“Act 10 - Moon”
JPN Act 10
Act 10 月—MOON
Act 10 Tsuki MOON





Act 9 - Serenity, Princess


Act 11 - Reunion, Endymion

The Sailor Senshi visit the ruins of the Moon Kingdom, and they meet the spirit of Queen Serenity, who tells them about their past lives during the time of the Silver Millennium.


While waiting for the full moon, Usagi's father gave her the Silver Crystal which she asked him to turn into a necklace. Combining their power, the Sailor Senshi teleported to the moon. Arriving, they find ruins of the Silver Millenium. Approaching the Crystal Tower, they find a sword that is imbedded a pedestal. When Sailor Venus pulls the sword from the pedestal, a hologram of Queen Serenity appeared before them. She spoke to them of their past lives. She also spoke of the evil that was created that would lead to the destruction of the Silver Millenium. After the destruction, Queen Serenity used her power to seal the evil away and cause everyone to be reborn. Queen Serenity tells the Sailor Senshi that now they have to destroy the evil once and for all, and reassures Sailor Moon that Mamoru is still alive.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite returns to his fallen companions' resting site to find them reduced to stones. Kunzite realizes who he and his brothers were and that Tuxedo Mask is their master, Endymion. Kunzite follows Queen Beryl, and finds her conversing with Queen Metalia that a portion of the Silver Crystal was absorbed into Tuxedo Mask. Queen Beryl tells Metalia that while the portion he absorb is no longer showing power, he could still be useful. Kunzite regrets working for the Dark Kingdom, but Beryl uses her power to bring him under her control. Kunzite uses his power to freeze people and lure out the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon uses her powers to heal the people, and Kunzite goes to chase down Sailor Moon for the Silver Crystal. She lures him past the Earth's atmosphere while the Senshi follow them. The Sailor Senshi combine their power, using Sailor Planet Power, and destroy Kunzite, leaving nothing but a stone behind which returned to Queen Beryl.

Beryl resurrects Endymion who is under her control, and gives him the generals' stones. She orders Endymion to kill Princess Serenity and steal the Silver Crystal. The last scene is Endymion dressed in normal clothes walking down the streets of Tokyo.


  • The phrase that Queen Beryl used to summon Queen Metaria is "חורו חםורחו אחר", which is a Hebrew phrase.

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